FAQ: Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze
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Is the standard base game of Rise of Tribes available?

Yes! The standard base game of Rise of Tribes is available at Walmart.

We encourage you to buy a copy now. Then come back to the campaign page for the free print & play of The Vul’Keth Invasion (solo mode)!

Last updated: April 28, 2020 10:16

What does “Free content” mean? Is this content ONLY for backers?

Free Content items are made for Kickstarter backers and not available widely in retail (except for retail stores that back this Kickstarter). However, Breaking Games has no wish to keep additional game play from Rise of Tribes fans. These items may be made available in limited supply where Breaking Games chooses to offer them such as conventions, through contests, the BGG Store, and directly from the Breaking Games website.

Last updated: April 28, 2020 20:26

Will the New Cult pledge level get me all the new stuff, if I already own everything that was available for Rise of Tribes before this campaign?


And, if you have a copy of Rise of Tribes and the Deluxe Upgrade game bits already, Then, you have everything that makes a Mammoth Edition of the game.

And, the New Cult pledge items will all fit inside your current game box, no matter what version.

*The only other item in the campaign you would not own is the Mesa Bonus Tile, a promo alternate terrain tile, which will be available to add in the Pledge Manager, or you can order from the BGG store right now. Technically not a new item, but it’s the one other thing available. And, we love supporting BGG!

Last updated: April 29, 2020 00:59

What size is the Mammoth Edition box? What will fit inside? How does it fit?

There is only one size Rise of Tribes game box. The Mammoth Edition box is the standard box with an outer sleeve added.

The only item that says “Mammoth” is the Mammoth Edition sleeve that you see added to the standard edition box at the end of the “Everything fits…” animation on the campaign page. Once that sleeve is removed your Rise of Tribes game box will be identical to ALL other Rise of Tribes game boxes.

The shelf space required for the Mammoth Edition is exactly the same as the shelf space required for the standard edition.

Inside the Mammoth Edition is the same contents “Deluxe” backers of the original campaign received. They recieved all the same contents in every copy of the Rise of Tribes base game. PLUS, they received the Deluxe Upgrade (a second smaller box) which fits inside the main game box. Every Mammoth Edition copy has the Deluxe Upgrade already packed inside the main game box.

The Beasts and Bronze box will have a new, custom insert that holds not only the new wooden Beasts, event tiles and Vul’Keth Invasion bits but also the complete Deluxe Upgrade pieces. Please note that some pieces (such as the Bronze Technologies, Bonus Hex Tiles, etc. will store in the main box), but everything is designed to fit in the base game box.

Everything* fits inside no matter what version of the game you have!

*Our use of Box-ception technology has left one choice you may need to make. If you own BOTH the Deluxe Upgrade AND the Beast & Bronze expansion, you will have to choose which one of these two boxes to use. These two smaller boxes are the same size. The one you choose will be the smaller box that you will put inside the main game box when your copy of Rise of Tribes is packed up and ready to go back on your game shelf.

The insert that comes in the Beast & Bronze box may be removed and placed into the Deluxe Upgrade box IF that is the box you choose. The smaller box not chosen will make an excellent art piece in just the right spot in your home!

Last updated: May 03, 2020 13:03

Have you planned to make language versions or translate the rules?

Playing in Additional Languages Each player’s set of Goal cards and the Event deck are the two main in-game language dependant components. All information is public in Rise of Tribes, so one player my easily offer language assistance to another.

Reading the Rules in Your Language (Link below) Just as we did for the original Rise of Tribes campaign, the initial versions of Beasts & Bronze and The Vul’Keth Invasion (solo mode) will be published in English. We will work with former translators and fans willing to translate the rules in as many languages as we can for PDFs to download. All Rise of Tribes PDFs will strive to also translate cards with numbers for ease of referencing card text in play. — As an example, find the base game rules PDF files created with fans after the original campaign here: https://riseoftribes.com/how-to-play-rise-of-tribes/

Publishing in Additional Languages We are very intereseted in working with publishers to localize Rise of Tribes in all language communities/markets. We are in talks with publishers in multiple markets, and welcome any leads and suggestions from the community.

French Gamers! Base Game Available! We are excited that Rise of Tribes is available in French thanks to our localization partner, Gigamic. We have a confirmed Gigamic will be printing Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze. You backing for $1 helps the campaign! Showing your support (not in amount pledged, but in number of backers) convinces Gigamic to make a bigger print run and sign on for more Rise of Tribes base games as well.

Spread the word! All backers who back for $1 and are interested in French version - we will help you find this version when available, share rules and pass on any feedback to make that the best version!

Publishing in More Languages Backers from ALL language groups are welcome here and encouraged to help make Rise of Tribes a better, more widely known game! We are in early talks with multiple localization partners. You can, like the French-speaking board game community, back for $1 and show publishers there is a strong, faithful community that will buy and play Rise of Tribes if they publish Rise of Tribes in your language.

Last updated: May 07, 2020 21:13

Why no Stretch Goals? What does "Backer Friendly" mean?

Our campaign is backer friendly, meaning we’ve already unlocked the best quality components - custom wood meeple beasts, linen cards, bonus hex tiles with gorgeous new art and we’re giving everyone free access to the solo mode on day 1 because we all need a break from stretch goals and all the stress that goes with them. We’re excited to fund the best version of Rise of Tribes Beasts and Bronze right from the start, with your help!

Last updated: April 28, 2020 10:57

What will be available in the Pledge Manager? How does the Pledge Manager work?

Everything Rise of Tribes - all of the products featured on this Kickstarter page, will be available in the pledge manager.

After this Kickstarter campaign ends there will be a period of time where we finalize the results of the campaign and get organized. When we are ready, we will send you an email invite that will give you personalized access to the Pledge manager.

When you access the Pledge Manager, you will be able to “spend” any \(you added to your pledge during the Kickstarter campaign on the items listed in the Pledge Manager. AND, you can add more\) in the Pledge Manager if you decide to add anything you were not sure about during the campaign.

ONLY add extra money to you pledge during the Kickstarte campaign IF you are sure you want to spend it. At the close of the Kickstarter campaign you will be charged the full amount you have pladged. So, you can add the \(to your pledge now OR add the\) in the Pledge Manager.

Last updated: April 28, 2020 15:11

How does adding the new Mammoth and Saber creatures and Events work?

First, all the events remain playable. During set up players will choose which events to have in the game. The original events and new events may freely be combined as players desire, or played seperately.

If playing with both sets of Events mixed together, it will be possible (but rare) to have both events for the same creature in play at the same time. Players may choose to set aside one of the Saber events if they want to avoid having them both in play.

The new Mammoth event is part of set up. So players will know right away if that event will be in play. Players may choose to set aside the original Mammoth event if they wish to avoid having them both in play.

Finally, there is no bond or connection between event and animal figure/token in Rise of Tribes. For example, if you own both Sabertooth Tiger figures and one of the Saber events is revealed, players may choose which figure to bring into play. The active player will make that decision since they are triggering the event.

Last updated: May 06, 2020 01:12

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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